Stuck in a lot of fandoms and not getting out

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But guys imagine in the future when the boys finally go their separate ways, you’ll have all of these amazing memories of them. Maybe you will have met them and interacted with them, maybe it’ll just be through watching them grow up and develop into these amazing guys who wrote songs that might…


Here’s a really good shot of the WWA Tour stage

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Luke, “It’s like a weird thing that girls like us..”

Ashton, “We were really not attractive to girls where we live.” +

i know 2/4 dropped out of school but are they really that fucking dumb

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"shhhhh" I say to my computer fan 

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disconnected makes me wanna sneak out at 2am and make out with a nice cute boy that preferably is extremely tall and has blonde hair and blue eyes and is named luke hemmings

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so punk rock


5SOS AU:The boys as 1950’s greasers. Luke and Calum are the leaders of two rival gangs and Luke doesn’t take too kindly to Calum hitting on his girl. (gif credit x x) (if you have a link for the last set of Luke gifs please let me know).

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5sos as Disney Princes || Ashton Irwin as Hercules "You mean Hunk-ules"

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